PCI DSS for Merchants and Service Providers


Are a set of security standards outlined to ensure that businesses that process debit or credit card information operate in a secure environment.

If your are a Merchant (Retailer, e-commerce, grocery, restaurant), Contact Center service provider (BPO, CcaaS) or Web Agency providing e-commerce applications to your customers, and are accepting card payments, then you MUST be PCI DSS compliant.


What is PCI DSS?

PCI DSS is an acronym for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which comprises 12 requirements.  The main aim is to provide safe and secure transactions for merchants and service providers during payments. The practice also informs enterprises on how to accentuate their payment security measures. This implies the adoption of new techniques to protect cardholder’s data and enhancement of activities such as developing and sustaining a secure network infrastructure.


Based on volume of transactions

There are four different levels of compliance depending on the volume of transactions done by a business entity for 12 months. Sales are measured in terms of transactions including debit, prepaid card, and credit card.

You must comply TODAY!

It's all about protecting your customers and your business!

The exceptional situation of the pandemic has created a new normal in which employees work from their homes, customers consume from their homes.

The increase in cyber attacks and data leakage is a direct consequence of this new normality.

It is essential to protect sensitive assets and build consumer confidence with regard to highly mediatized data breaches, which have a direct impact on a company's reputation.

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Penalties for the non-compliance

  • PCI DSS fines vary according to the level of certification required and depend on the percentage of revenue. They can range from $5,000 to $100,000 per month.
  • These fines are small compared to the costs associated with lawsuits, government actions and the loss of client confidence in our brand image.
  • In the event of PCI DSS non-compliance, a merchant’s ability to accept credit cards can be revoked until it becomes PCI DSS compliant again.
    This penalty can have very significant consequences, as it is accompanied by the loss of customers, most of whom will never return.
  • It should be noted that the cost and time required to recover from a data breach is far greater than the cost of achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance. Studies estimate that the cost of a data breach resulting in the loss of less than 100,000 records is $4 million.

Benefits of the compliance

  • Create a corporate culture based on security.
  • Annual checks prevent data leaks and establish better management of its suppliers who are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals.
  • Improves your brand reputation, reassures your customers of your cyber security maturity and gives you a competitive advantage.
  • The processes put in place to comply with the PCI DSS, naturally creates cyber security governance and helps to comply with other norms and standards.


It is wrong to believe

That PCI compliance is only required for enterprises that store credit card data

Even if the payment process is fully outsourced

You still need to comply with some PCI DSS

But the requirements might be less stringent

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Our methodology

Phase 1:

Scope Discovery

We will define the scope of compliance that is specific to each company based on their PCI DSS level and perform a high-level background assessment. Once identified, our objective is to reduce it to what is necessary, avoid compliance fatigue and limit the effort.

Scope Discovery

Phase 2:

Gap Assessment

We conduce a diagnostic of your current security posture to meet compliance requirements. Our objective is to identify gaps, have the most realistic picture of the situation and estimate the necessary effort to become compliant.

Gap Assessment

Phase 3:

Remediation and Certification

The goal is to create the strategic compliance roadmap with SMART metrics and assist you in the process of filling identified gaps. Be your PCI DSS Subject Matter Expert (Virtual CISO) and conduce the certification process to achieve your PCI DSS Attestation Of Compliance.

Remediation and Certification

Cut your PCI Compliance & Audit Costs in Half

Be smart about your requirements, streamline, and even save money in the process

The best path to payment card industry (PCI) compliance is to be as free as possible of PCI requirements.

Our methodology will aggressively simplify and secure what really matters.

Secure what you have to, eliminate what you don’t need, and compliance will result naturally.

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