Is an assessor required to visit work-from-home environments to determine if personnel are meeting PCI DSS requirements?

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PCI SSC does not require QSAs or ISAs to visit personnel private residences for any purpose, including the review of work-from-home (WFH) environments to validate PCI DSS requirements.

Entities should have policies and procedures implemented to provide assurance that applicable PCI DSS controls are in place for WFH personnel and that such personnel are aware of and adhering to the entity’s secure practices.

Assessors should work with the entity to understand the processes and controls the entity has implemented to secure connections from personnel in WFH environments.

This includes understanding how the entity ensures that account data is stored, processed, or transmitted from WFH environments in accordance with applicable PCI DSS requirements, and how the entity gains assurance that those controls continue to function effectively to protect the entity’s network and cardholder data.

Entities are not expected to conduct onsite assessments of work-from-home (WFH) environments, as home environments are not owned or controlled by the entity.

Entities are expected to have controls and processes in place governing how personnel working from home access payment card account data.

Controls and processes should also be implemented to provide assurance that payment card account data is protected in accordance with applicable security requirements.

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