Protect your Corporate Information

Improve your security maturity by implementing a governance based on best in class standards

check A good security program is proactive about closing security gaps.

check Security maturity must be regularly assessed to ensure security controls align with organizational objectives.


Just because you haven’t identified a breach doesn’t mean you’re secure.

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment -CMA360

cybersecurity maturity measure

We have developed and tested a robust information cybersecurity maturity assessment tool to generate your organization’s comprehensive, highly actionable, and measurable security strategy and roadmap.

Robust security requirements gathering

across the organization, key stakeholders, customers, regulators, and other parties ensure the security strategy is built in alignment with and supportive of enterprise and IT strategies and plans.

Our best-of-breed security maturity assessment tool CMA360

combines Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), ISO 27000 series, NIST SP 800, and CIS critical security controls to ensure all areas of security are considered,

A comprehensive current state assessment

gap analysis, and initiative generation ensures nothing is left off the table.

Tested and proven rationalization and prioritization methodologies

ensure the strategy you generate is not only the one the organization needs, but also the one the organization will support.

There is no space for blindspots with our rigorous review of following points :

Security Operations Program

Security Operations

We will walk you through the steps of developing a flexible and systematic security operations program relevant to your organization.

▪Security operations is no longer a center but a process.

▪Raw data without correlation is a waste of time, money, and effort.

▪If you are not communicating, then you are not secure.

A centralized security operations process actively transforms security events and threat information into actionable intelligence, driving security prevention, detection, analysis, and response processes that address the increasing sophistication of cyberthreats while guiding continuous improvement.

Awareness Training

We will help you build a customized training program that utilizes today’s best practices.

  1. Creating a training program that delivers smaller amounts of information on a more frequent basis to minimize effort, reduce end-user training fatigue, and improve content relevance.
  2. Evaluating and improving your security awareness and training program continuously to keep its content up to date. Leverage end-user feedback to ensure content remains relevant to those who receive it.
  3. Teaching end users how to recognize current cyberattacks before they fall victim, and turn them into active barriers against cyberattacks.


▪One-time, annual training is no longer sufficient for creating an effective security awareness and training program.

▪By presenting security as a personal and individualized issue you can make this new personal focus a driver for your organizational security awareness and training program.

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