Cyber Security Is Not Optional

Companies are focused on their accelerated digital transformation, with evolving technology comes evolving hackers.

They are behind in their cyber security maturity and consider it as a budget adjustment variable.


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Experts in cybersecurity and digital strategy, we support companies in their development and guide them in the transformation towards the new normal.

During the last twenty years, we’ve been wearing multiple hats and played in red/blue teams, we decided to protect in 360° our partners, by reviewing their :

check Security Strategy

check Compliance

check Security Response and Recovery

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In-Sec-M is a cybersecurity center, recognized by the Government of Canada.

The mission is to mobilize the various key players in the ecosystem to support the innovation, growth and outreach capabilities of Canada’s cybersecurity industry, nationally and internationally.



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Threat landscape for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)- Statistics for H1 2021

Industrial organizations always attract attention from both cybercriminals and politically-motivated threat actors. Reflecting on the previous half year, we have seen among other findings, growth in the number of cyberespionage and malicious credential stealing campaigns. Their success has most likely been the main factor raising the ransomware threat to such [...]



Is it easier to comply with PCI-DSS while using Cloud services ?

The distributed architectures of cloud environments add layers of technology and complexity that challenge traditional assessment methods. As a result, it may be particularly challenging to validate PCI DSS compliance in a distributed, dynamic infrastructure such as a public or multi-tenant environment. Examples of compliance challenges include but are not [...]



Is the merchant PCI DSS compliant while using approved “PINPADS” ?

While use of PTS-approved payment devices can facilitate PCI DSS compliance, such devices do not by themselves guarantee PCI DSS compliance or reduce the scope of a merchant’s cardholder data environment. The boundaries of the cardholder data environment are not affected by the presence or absence of a PTS-approved terminal, [...]



What system is in scope for PCI DSS?

The PCI DSS security requirements apply to all system components included in or connected to the cardholder data environment. The cardholder data environment (CDE) is comprised of people, processes, and technologies that store, process, or transmit cardholder data or sensitive authentication data At a high level, scoping involves the identification [...]


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2021 Data Breach Investigations – SMB snapshot

Changes in the real world often occur rapidly, and rarely give advanced notice of their arrival. Organizations are forced to react to these events quickly, and to make decisions regarding their security stance accordingly. The wisest decisions are informed decisions. While no one can accurately predict the threats they may [...]


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